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This Book Will Make You An Artist

Be Inspired. Become an Artist!

Four, fun activities based on the works of amazing artists.

Roman Soldiers activity sheets

Celebrate! Activity Sheets

Travel the world in this awe-inspiring new gift title from the British Museum featuring 50 spectacular new festivals that you won’t want to miss!

It’s time to celebrate as you explore some of the world’s most exciting festivals from different countries, cultures and religions around the globe. From the familiar to the unexpected, discover how and why festivals bring people together to enjoy all kinds of sensational celebrations.


  • Design your own Día de los Muertos skull

  • Make your own marigolds

Princess Minna: Wicked Wood Activity Sheets

In The Wicked Wood, the King and Queen have DISAPPEARED! The townsfolk saw them and Lorenzo the dragon disappearing into the Wicked Wood and they haven’t come back… One by one, Minna’s friends set off to find them. But they don’t come back either! So Minna takes a deep breath and heads into the middle of the Wicked Wood, where she finds everyone eating the gingerbread walls of the house of the Wicked Witch! Quick – everyone must get home before nightfall! But how can they fly home when Lorenzo has eaten so much gingerbread that he can’t get off the ground…

Activities include:

  • Count the characters
  • Find the witch’s house
  • Colour in the cover

A World of Dogs Activity Sheets

Throughout human history dogs have been by our side, paw prints following our footprints wherever we roamed. In this collection of fascinating facts and amazing real-life stories, discover everything you ever wanted to know about our very best friends.

Activities include:

  • Dogs years calculator
  • Where in the world of dogs?
  • A-Z of dogs

A Whale of a Time poetry activity pack

Celebrate these funny poems with a range of activities from writing your own poem to creating poetry from book spines. Guaranteed to make you giggle!

I’m Going to Be a Princess Activity Sheets

A warm and witty celebration of the lives of amazing Black women.

What will Maya be when she grows up? A rocket scientist like Annie Easley? An Olympic athlete like Alice Coachman? A brain surgeon like Alexa Canady? In this heart-warming and funny story, Maya discovers the achievements of some incredible Black women . . . but it’s a brave Nigerian princess who really captures her imagination!

Activities include:

  • I’m going to be… job quiz
  • Draw your dream job
  • Cut out and wear your own crown

Find Tom in Time: Shakespeare’s London Activity Sheet

Tom’s not only lost in time, he’s lost his cat, too! Can you find Tom and his naughty cat, Digby, across the pages? Packed with detailed artwork, fascinating Tudor facts and over 100 other things to find – from the royal boat on the Thames to actors at the Globe Theatre – lose yourself in Shakespeare’s London with this brilliantly interactive book!

Learn how to make your very own Tudor ruff with our easy to follow activity sheet!

Nabil Steals a Penguin Activity Sheets

Get ready for this fast-paced and big-hearted rhyming adventure about a penguin who loves curry!

When Pierre the penguin tries Nabil’s delicious biriyani rice, Pierre decides to leave the zoo and go home with him! But Nabil will be in BIG TROUBLE if his mum finds out. And Pierre is EVERYWHERE – honking, dancing, bouncing on the bed and making a HUGE bubbly mess in the bathroom . . . Will Nabil’s parents let Pierre stay?

Activities include:

  • How to draw Pierre the penguin
  • Cake counting
  • Nabil’s balti recipe

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam Celebration pack

To celebrate 10 years of crooks, cakes and canine capers with our favourite detective doggy duo, we’ve created a fun celebration activity pack. With recipes, games and puzzles, there is lots here for the home, classroom, library or bookshop.

The Quickest Bedtime Story Ever! Bedtime Routine Chart

The speediest bedtime story you will ever read – it’s only ten words long!

Welcome to the quickest bedtime story ever! Your little one will be asleep in seconds. But wait! There are a couple of things you must do first. Have you plumped up the pillows? And colour-co-ordinated the teddy bears? Getting ready for a story is a very important business, I’ll have you know…

Going to bed is also very important business, download and print off this bedtime routine chart to help make sure you’re completely ready!

Football Women’s World Cup 2023 Wall Chart

Download and print this wall chart to track the Women’s 2023 World Cup  matches and results!

To learn all about football and the incredible sports jobs you could do, check out How to Be a Footballer and Other Sports Jobs.