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Festive Reads 2023

To ease you and your class into the festive season we’ve got some great suggestions of wintery books for ages 3-11!

Print off our poster for your school and have your pupils tick off books as they read them – how many will your school read?

Friends and Traitors Lesson Plan

Some secrets are just too dangerous to know… A gripping World War II story about how two girls foil an aristocratic plot to bring down the government and hand the country to the Nazis…

Immerse yourself and your class in this WWII mystery by downloading our cross curricular lesson plan.

Alice Éclair: A Sprinkling of Danger Lesson Plan

On a glamorous movie set at the Palace of Versailles, someone is leaking national secrets. Is it the American director with the shady past, or the flamboyant lead actress whose Renaissance wig is full of secrets? Or is it someone so devious, Alice hasn’t even noticed them? Whoever it is, this person has a deadly plan… Armed with a light sponge mix and an airy disregard for danger, Alice Éclair is on the case!

Alice’s third adventure and can be read as a stand-alone novel, or enjoyed as part of the series.

Download our lesson plan to help your class explore the story even further, including a suspect casebook so they can do their own investigating!

Friends and Traitors Discussion Notes and Activity Ideas

Some secrets are just too dangerous to know… A gripping World War II story about how two girls foil an aristocratic plot to bring down the government and hand the country to the Nazis…

Delve deeper into the mystery by downloading our discussion notes and activity ideas.

Welcome to Our Table Teacher Notes

In this fascinating book, children can learn all about what people in other countries eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as where our food comes from, and the stories, cultures and traditions behind what we eat.

Activities include:

  • Favourite foods – share your favourite dishes
  • Research time – learn how children from different countries eat similar foods in different ways
  • Top tastes – a fun two player card game

The Goat and The Stoat and the Boat Teaching Notes

A raucous, rhyming tale that will have children (and adults) in fits of laughter!

Help children learn about rhymes with these fun and informative activity sheets!

Growing Up: Notes for Teachers

A modern and inclusive guide to help every child understand their journey from childhood to being a grown-up.

Growing up is a natural part of life, and every child deserves to understand the different ways their body may change as they grow older. While puberty happens to everyone, every child’s journey from childhood to being a grown-up will be as unique as they are!

Use these helpful notes to guide you through reading Growing Up with your class and cover essential points in the curriculum.

Frank and Bert: The One Where Bert Learns to Ride a Bike Teacher Notes

The hilarious fox and bear double act from bestseller Chris Naylor-Ballesteros is back for a second adventure.

Bert is CERTAIN he can ride his bike as well as Frank, but he is very wobbly! And even when they BOTH try riding Frank’s bike . . . it still goes very wrong! Will the best friends make it all the way down from the big hill? Of course! All they need is a little bit of confidence and trust in each other!

Activities Include:

  • Discussion notes
  • Friendship code
  • Helping others
  • Reading emotions
  • The story continues

My Life on Fire Teaching Resources

About the book:

Ren’s family lose their home in a fire. They’re living with her grandmother now and things are a bit tense.

Ren lost her collection of things, her clothes; her brother lost his little bear and is inconsolable. So Ren starts replacing things with other people’s possessions. They’ve got loads of stuff, after all.

But she gets caught and has to strike a terrifying deal to avoid detection…

About these resources:

My Life on Fire is written by KS2 teacher, Cath Howe. These activity ideas have been created to encourage children to explore the themes of family upheaval and kleptomania whilst discussing the importance of empathy and understanding how to help others in difficult situations.

– Creative writing exercises
– PSHE discussions
– Creative activities
– Group debates

The Nowhere Thief Discussion Notes and Activity Ideas

A mind-bending multiverse adventure!

Download our discussion notes and activity ideas to travel deeper into the kaleidoscope of Nowhere!

Activities include:
– Writing – Create your own Somewhere
– Drawing – Design an object or creature from another Somewhere
– Crafting – Create your own kaleidoscope

Press Start Reading Record

Become a SUPER READER with our Press Start Reading Record!

Perfect for logging which books you’ve read and what you think of them.


Press Start Educational Resources for KS1

About the book

These activity ideas focus on Press Start: Game On, Super Rabbit Boy, the first in a new full colour-series of graphic novels perfect for kids who love gaming. Suitable for 5+ readers.

About the resource

Help readers gain confidence and independence with these activity ideas for KS1 focusing on Press Start! – including a printable reading record for children to mark their achievements.