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Posted by Kate, February 15, 2011

Roughing it: working on Axel Scheffler’s rough artwork

OK, so this is how it really happens.

This is how a picture book, in this case, one of Axel Scheffler’s Pip and Posy books is put together.

In this case, we had planned the book, but when the roughs were done and the text in place, we felt that the pacing wasn’t spot-on. The pacing of a picture book, particularly what is revealed when you turn a page (as opposed to what you can see already see on the right-hand side of a page when you are reading the left-hand side of a page), is tremendously important, and one of those things that makes creating a really good picture book such a challenge and a skill.

Anyway, we got to work with photocopies of Axel’s rough sketches, bits of paper with the text on it, a pencil and some really big scissors to redesign how the book worked. I know it’s not hi-tech, but for us, it’s the best way.

Here’s Camilla, hand sketching so fast that the camera couldn’t catch it, at work.

The reworked roughs went back to Axel, who redrew some of the images, and we’ll have a full book of art to take to the Bologna Book Fair at the end of March.

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