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Posted by Tom, August 8, 2012

Rounds: Franklin Frog is out today

Our first ever non-fiction science app, Rounds: Franklin Frog is out today, and it’s only 69p ($0.99) until the weekend on the App Store!

This is the first in a brand new series of apps for us (you can read a little more about how it came about in this blog post by Kate, on writing children’s apps), created by husband-and-wife team Barry and Emma Tranter, and based on circular characters whose real life stories start where they end.

As well boasting a striking, graphic illustration style (made entirely of circles and components of circles), the app is filled with hundreds of frog facts, designed to inspire enthusiasm and teach young children about biology. Did you know that frogs chew by pressing food against the back of their eyeballs with their tongues? Or that out of every 2,000 eggs laid, only five will become fully grown frogs? Or that frogs have been on the earth for MILLIONS of years?

And Rounds also has the same incredible features of our storybook apps: original child narration, an original musical score, and hundreds of unique interactions. You can help Franklin jump, swim, eat, and croak, help Felicity lay her frogspawn, help a tadpole hatch and grow… and then start all over again!

The app will be on sale until the start of the weekend, and then will be available from Saturday for £2.99 ($4.99). You can find it on the app store here. If you buy it, we’d love to hear what you think – please do leave a review on iTunes, or write to us on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

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