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Posted by Kate, October 20, 2010

Sales meeting

Today, we have had not one but two meetings… and having formal meetings of any sort is unusual for us.

Kate decided to post a picture of this one, which was a meeting between Kate and Imogen and Bounce, who handle UK trade and export sales for us. They were in the Nosy Crow office to confirm our print quantities and plans for the next few months, as we speed towards our first publication (in January).

Kate’s used to having an in-house sales team, but actually the relationship with Bounce is working pretty well. It certainly focusses the mind to have fewer meetings, though, of course, Bounce is always on the end of the phone or contactable by email.

Kate particularly likes the way that Danielle, on Robert’s left, looks so spectacularly sceptical about whatever it is that he’s saying.

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