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Posted by Tom, August 4, 2014

Save the Forest Pixies!

There are only 95 Forest Pixies left in all of Witchworld. Friends of the Forest Pixies need your help to protect their future.

About the Forest Pixie:

Forest Pixies are the most agile of all pixies. They’re easily distinguished from other pixies by their incredibly long tails (the stretchiest of any creature in Witchworld), bright yellow-green tufts of hair and long limbs. These mischievous, playful creatures are excellent swimmers but their favourite pastime is climbing to the top of a tall tree, wrapping their tail around the highest branch and jumping! Their tails are SO elastic that the pixies never reach the ground, when they’re a few centimetres away they’re snapped skyward.

Fun Forest Pixie Facts:

Their favourite tree to climb is a Woldenbore
A group of Forest Pixies is called a band
The best-selling computer game Pixie Panix is based on their mischievous antics

Why they’re endangered:

Sadly, following the devastating fire at Freefall Forest, only 95 Forest Pixies remain.

Their entire natural habitat was destroyed and, left without any food or shelter, the surviving Forest Pixies had nowhere to hide from pellolligans on the prowl. New trees have been planted in Freefall Forest but even using the strongest super-speedy growth potion it will be 10-15 years before the pixies can return home.

What’s the Sanctuary?

The Sanctuary is a safe and secure temporary home for the pixies, built by Friends of the Forest Pixies. The top secret location is over half a mile square with high walls and nets to keep predators out. It re-creates the pixies’ favourite part of Freefall Forest with two tall trees for climbing, a lake for swimming, bushes and shrubs for hiding, and mud to roll in.

How you can help?

By wearing a Save The Forest Pixies badge and spreading the word! Email [email protected] with your address.

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