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Posted by Tom, January 25, 2013

Schools can now get our apps for half price!

We have some good news for teachers and ICT co-ordinators – we’re now enrolled in Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme, which means that schools can buy our apps at a 50% discount (in quantities of 20 or more). In order to qualify, schools need to designate someone as their Programme Manager, who can then sign up here.

We’ve already received lots of great feedback from educational specialists for a number of our apps (you can read some of it on the Media Kit page for Rounds: Franklin Frog, under ‘Using our Apps for Teaching and Therapy’) and we’ve written about using our apps in schools on the blog before – we hope this programme means that schools can use our apps more widely than ever. In a review of Franklin Frog, the Teaching Appz website gave some great suggestions for possible classroom uses for the app:

✓ Use the app as part of Science lessons to help children learn about frogs and life cycles.
✓ Read and share the story together by connecting the device to a projector. Listen to the audio narration or challenge children to narrate the story themselves using expression.
✓ The illustrations all use circles or divisions of circles. Could your pupils create a picture using a similar style?
✓ Challenge children to write their own story about the life cycle of a different animal.

And here’s Kindergarten teacher Chris Crowell with Warren Buckleitner, editor for Children’s Technology Review, using Rounds: Franklin Frog:

You can find out more about the Volume Purchase Programme here (and here if you’re in the US) – and if you have any questions about using our apps in schools, or want to share your experience of doing so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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