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Posted by Tom, February 28, 2018

Seven days of stories – Pamela Butchart on Blue Peter

To celebrate World Book Week, Pamela Butchart has created seven days of story challenges with Blue Peter – challenging children to write a short story every day in the lead up to World Book Day.

And you can watch her daily challenges on the Blue Peter website now!

Pamela – who won the Blue Peter Book Award in 2015 for The Spy Who Loved School Dinners, illustrated by Thomas Flintham – has created seven day’s worth of tips and challenges: a new writing challenge for every day, along with tips and resources to complete each challenge.

The daily challenges include writing using random words, making up a story about different pictures, writing a story about something you’ve eaten in the last week, and turning something you do everyday into a story – while the daily tips include using games and tools to write stories, using sound to write a story, make the ordinary EXTRAordinary, and finding inspiration in your lunchbox!

You can watch videos all of Pamela’s tips and challenges on the Blue Peter website here.

And here’s a look inside the latest book in the Baby Aliens series by Pamela and Thomas – The Phantom Lollipop Man:

Buy the book.

If you know someone who uses Pamela’s writing tips and challenges to create their own stories, we’d love to know how they get on!

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