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Posted by Tom, March 22, 2017

Signed copies of A Piglet Called Truffle and A Duckling Called Button now available!

Last year we launched the truly wonderful Jasmine Green series, written by Helen Peters and illustrated by Ellie Snowdon – and signed copies of the first two books in the series, A Piglet Called Truffle and A Duckling Called Button, are now available to buy from the Nosy Crow shop!

Brilliant story-telling that will make you laugh and cry, and beautifully illustrated by Ellie Snowdon, this series is James Herriot for a new generation. And the books are already attracting lots of admirers – here’s what The Guardian’s Imogen Russell Williams said about A Piglet Called Truffle:

“For readers aged five to eight, Helen Peters’ A Piglet Called Truffle is sensitively illustrated by Ellie Snowdon, and reminiscent of Dick King-Smith at his best … This involving, unsentimental little book is the first in a new series that should appeal strongly to animal lovers.”

Jasmine’s dad is a farmer, and her mum is a large-animal vet, so Jasmine spends a lot of time caring for animals and trying to keep them out of trouble. Unfortunately, this often means getting herself out of difficulty, too!

In A Piglet Called Truffle, Jasmine rescues a tiny piglet from certain death. But Jasmine’s parents don’t believe in farm animals being pets and insist that Truffle must be sold as soon as she’s big enough. So Jasmine begins a campaign to keep her – one that doesn’t seem to be going very well as Truffle gets older and ever-closer to market… In the end, it takes two lost guinea pigs and one cold, frosty night-time adventure to save the mini piglet from disaster…

Here’s a look inside the book:

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And in In A Duckling Called Button, a nesting duck is killed in a terrible accident, and Jasmine and her best friend Tom rescue the eggs and try to hatch them in an incubator. It’s a risky business but soon Button is running around, getting into scrapes. Until the day he gets into a scrape with no escape…

Here’s a look inside the book:

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