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Posted by Kate, July 8, 2010

Small Blue Thing made real

Some of you have been following the story of the creation of the bracelet that will feature on the cover of the debut novel that’s Nosy Crow’s first print publication, Small Blue Thing. You know that we’ve biked across London with bags of opals, chosen between alternative designs, experimented with dangling bracelets on fishing line in water to see if we can get a bracelet-under-water look working…

The bracelet in question is a “real” version of the one that author Sue Ransom imagines heroine Alex finding buried deep in the mud of the Thames, that turns out to be the means of communicating with the drowned, including the incredibly gorgeous Callum, who wears an identical bracelet himself.

And it’s been made! Zoe Harding has managed to create something lovely that tallies incredibly well with the bracelet as Sue imagined it.

So we took it along one evening to Waterloo station to meet Sue after work to show it to her. Here she is wearing it.

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