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Posted by Camilla, October 7, 2010

StarLit, Star Bright

Here at Nosy Crow, we love a festival almost as much as we love cake, and this week Kirsty and Camilla were down in London’s fashionable Hoxton Square for the StarLit festival.

StarLit is run by the Shoreditch Trust and is a scheme designed to get children having fun reading, writing and drawing. Working with publishers, bookshops, Booktrust and corporate sponsors, the scheme matches up classes with specific books, who then spend a month getting to know the titles with their teachers. The festival is the culmination of all their work, when the classes get to meet the creator of their particular book.

With over 2,000 children, and 70 authors, illustrators and poets taking part, it is an ambitious and valuable scheme, and clearly hugely enjoyed by both the children and teachers involved. Kirsty and Camilla saw events with Deborah Allwright, Thomas Docherty, Bruce Ingman and Philip Ardagh (pictured, and who had his audience almost literally rolling in the aisles!). Andy Stanton, Viv Schwarz, Malory Blackman, Philip Reeve and Michael Foreman were amongst the many others involved.

Dylan Calder, StarLit’s organiser, is starting a similar scheme, called Pop-up, next year, which Nosy Crow is very much hoping to support.

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