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Wigglesbottom Primary: Dino Chick out now!

Earlier this month we published Wigglesbottom Primary: Dino Chick – a brand new book of three funny school-based stories for young readers, written by bestselling Pamela Butchart and with brilliant colour illustrations by Becka Moor. In this latest instalment, Year Two are chosen to look after some eggs that are about to hatch, but these are no regular eggs…

The strangest things happen at Wigglesbottom Primary! When Year Two is chosen to look after some eggs that are about to hatch, they KNOW something is strange about one of them. What if it’s not a chick egg, but a DINOSAUR EGG???

From dino chicks and magic hamsters to toilet ghosts, this series of hilarious short stories, filled with strange goings-on and lots of fun is perfect for readers aged 5+.

Take a look inside the book:

You can buy a copy of Wigglesbottom Primary: Dino Chick from Waterstones here, here or from Amazon here. If you’re looking for the rest of the series, you can find all the books here.

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