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Tag: The Thing at Blackhole Lake

Take a look inside Sticky Pines: The Thing at Black Hole Lake

Next month we’re very excited to be publishing Sticky Pines: The Thing at Black Hole Lake – the second book in the laugh-out-loud, hair-raising sci-fi series by Dashe Roberts. Filled with mystery, adventure and spooky goings-on, this is the perfect series for young siblings of Stranger Things and the X-Files fans.

And today you can read the first two chapters!

Milo, loyal to his double-crossing, business-mogul father, has taken a trip to Black Hole Lake, leaving Lucy to continue her search into alien life and the Truth that she knows is out there. Milo’s discovery of a sinister, dark creature in the Lake will put them both in terrible danger and also – if they survive their adventure – make them friends again.

If you haven’t read the first book in this hair-raising series, you can read the first chapter of The Bigwoof Conspiracy here:

Buy the book.

Sticky Pines: The Thing at Black Hole Lake will be published this September 3rd – you can pre-order a copy from Waterstones here, Hive here, and Amazon here. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with all of our book news, you can sign up to our books newsletter here, or with the form below.