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Posted by Sam, February 24, 2020

Take a look inside Talking to the Moon!

In March we’re very excited to be publishing Talking to the Moon, by S.E. Durrant – a moving story of a grandmother with dementia told from her granddaughter’s perspective. From the author of Little Bits of Sky and Running on Empty, the latter of which was nominated for the 2019 CILIP Carnegie Medal, this new book is equally thought-provoking and heart-warming. And today you can read the first two chapters!

Iris’s grandmother, Mimi, has started to put jam on her scrambled eggs and tie blue ribbons around her fingers to remind her of stuff. Her house, always full of things, is becoming harder and harder to navigate, and when Iris goes to stay, she feels as if a whole life is becoming muddled up. As her grandmother’s memory fades, a mystery is uncovered. Who is Coral, and what happened to her?

Read the first two chapters below:

Talking to the Moon will be in bookshops on March 5th! You can pre-order your copy from Waterstones here, from The Hive here, or from our website here.

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