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Posted by Tom, August 10, 2017

Take a look inside The Secret Diary of Jane Pinny, Victorian House Maid (and Accidental Detective)

Next month we’re incredibly pleased to be publishing the second book in the fantastic National Trust Secret Diaries seriesThe Secret Diary of Jane Pinny, Victorian House Maid (and Accidental Detective), written by Philip Ardagh and illustrated by Jamie Littler. And today you can take a very first look inside the new book!

A fantastic balance of great characters and exciting plot, and packed with interesting, accessible historical facts woven into the story, this is Gosford Park meets Horrible Histories. It’s FILLED with fascinating historical detail and Victorian trivia – and with a gripping story, a mystery to solve, a wonderful hero, and all perfectly accompanied by Jamie’s hugely appealing and child-friendly artwork, it’s perfect for 7 – 9 year olds.

Jane Pinny has moved to the very grand Lytton House to be a Maid Of All Work. And being a Maid Of All Work means that she has to do… well, ALL the work, obviously! Cleaning, dusting, scrubbing, washing – there’s SO much to do in a Victorian country house. But when a priceless jade necklace belonging to the lady of the house disappears, Jane turns accidental detective (with the help of her best friend, a pigeon called Plump…) – can she solve the mystery of the missing jewels before it’s too late?

Here’s a very first look inside!

The Secret Diary of Jane Pinny will be in shops from September – you can find out more about the book here. And if you’d like to stay up to date with all of our book news, you can sign up to our books newsletter at this page, or with the form below.