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Posted by Tom, November 24, 2016

Take a look inside The Secret Rescuers: The Star Wolf

Next January we’re publishing the next book in the fantastic Secret Rescuers series, written by Paula Harrison and illustrated by Sophy WilliamsThe Secret Rescuers: The Star Wolf. And today you can read the opening chapter of the new book!

Set in a fantasy world populated by dragons, unicorns, and firebirds, this superbly-realised series for 7+ year olds is packed with magical adventures and baby creatures in peril.

In a magical kingdom far, far away it’s up to a small group of secret rescuers to keep magical creatures safe from the grasp of the evil Sir Fitzroy and to keep passing on the secret challenge to new girls.

The beautiful forest that Emma lives in is home to the star wolves. Each evening, the wolves’ magical song makes the stars appear in the sky. One autumn day, Emma rescues a star wolf pup from a trap. She begins a search for the little pup’s family. But mean Lord Hector is trying to catch all the star wolves – he hates magical creatures and has a horrible potion to prevent the star wolves from singing. Can Emma rescue the star wolf pack from Lord Hector before the stars stop shining at night?

Here’s a very first look inside The Star Wolf:

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