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Posted by Kirsten, August 18, 2014

The art of flying: our new Rights and Digital Assistant reports on her first month at Nosy Crow

As crows, we are of course very well acquainted with the art of flying, but it still surprised me when I realised five weeks had flown by since I started as a Rights and Digital Assistant at Nosy Crow. Time for a little reflection on my time in the office so far.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Nosy Crow office, its location comes as a welcome surprise. Hidden in a little courtyard full of greenery and brightly coloured flowers, the crow’s nest is a peaceful and pretty place to work in (well, that is to say, when there is no building work going on next door…). Around the corner is Borough Market, which is dangerously close for a foodie like me. Most Fridays the girls from the office will take a trip down to the market to stack up on cheese and other treats necessary for the weekend. If the weather is nice, you can have your lunch in the lovely cosy park across from the office.

So far, so good for outside the office, but that’s of course not what we’re here for. In the office everyone works really hard to publish those beautiful books and apps that Nosy Crow is so well known for. For the people who are familiar with publishing, you might wonder at the peculiarity of my position. Indeed, rights and digital are not a very common combination, but the job is wonderfully varied. I schedule appointments for the Frankfurt fair, test new apps, create exciting iBooks, and help Tom with the organisation of the upcoming Nosy Crow conference, which I will be attending and am really looking forward to (if you haven’t got your tickets yet, book them here).

Before I started this job I heard that most publishers have an affinity for cake, and I can confirm that this is indeed very true! Cake is a very present feature in this office, and more often than not someone will bring in one of his or her baking marvels. It gives a lovely homely feeling, which is, when you’re new to the big city like me, very welcoming. It might have only been five weeks, but I already feel part of the crow crew, and that is a brilliant feeling!

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