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Posted by Kate, February 22, 2010

The crow takes flight

Press release out. Emails sent. Imogen started at Nosy Crow today. If you’re reading this, everything went according to plan.

We know that there are people who will think that we are mad to be starting a publishing company at a point where many of the traditional channels to the book consumer are suffering especially in the UK and the US. But we think this is a good time to start. First, because we feel that we are on the cusp of extraordinary technological change which may alter the way that readers engage with the written word; second, because we are heartened by the flowering of independent publishing in the UK, from Profile through Canongate to Chickenhouse, and this feels like a moment when, for all sorts of reasons, being smaller than the big corporates is in many ways an advantage; and third, because we feel that the skills we have – to shape stories in words, pictures and more in a way that works for the reader, and to market those stories well – are skills that will always be in demand. People have always wanted beginnings, middles and endings, and they always will however they are delivered. And this is the beginning of the Nosy Crow story.

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