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Posted by Tom, October 25, 2013

The Mega Mash-Up books have grown!

Earlier this year we wrote about a big new format for our Magical Mix-Ups series – fantastic combinations of fiction and doodle books, with real stories, great characters, and lots of drawing involved.

And we were so pleased with the extra-large format that we’ve extended it to our Mega Mash-Up books – the equally brilliant books that were the inspiration for the sister series – as well!

In January we’ll be publishing Mega Mash-Up: Romans v Dinosaurs on Mars by Nikalas Catlow and Tim Wesson, the first of the Mega Mash-Up books, in this brilliant A4 format – and copies have just arrived in the office! The picture at the top of this post gives you an idea of the scale comparison with the existing Mega Mash-Up books.

In Romans v Dinosaurs on Mars, Romans and Dinosaurs live together in a huge glass dome called Romasauria. They race their rocket chariots and feast on Moon-Cow and chips… until life on Mars is threatened by a Giant Asteroid. Will a wooden catapult and some Dinosaur poo save the day? You’ll have to finish the illustrations to find out:

Packed with humour, great stories, and AMAZING mash-ups of perenially popular topics, these books are perfect for keeping young children (and especially boys) busy on journeys, during the holidays, on a rainy day, or over a weekend. So let your creativity run wild in this new extra-large edition, and help save life on Mars!

Here’s a video of Nikalas and Tim drawing Maximus Victorious, one of the stars of the book:

Mega Mash-Up: Romans v Dinosaurs on Mars is available to pre-order now.

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