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Posted by Kate, May 3, 2012

The Nosy Crow list is truly magical!

Today is a pink and sparkly day for me as it sees the publication of Magical Mix-Ups: Birthdays and Bridesmaids in paperback, written by debut author Marnie Edwards (she is actually hilarious both in person and on the page) and illustrated by the superlatively witty and talented Leigh Hodgkinson, of Goldilocks and Just the One Bear fame. All books are special but this one holds an extra-special place in my heart as it is two-colour illustrated fiction, so a new venture for both Leigh and me – and the wonderful Marnie too. And none of us would have been able to do anything without the brilliant design skills of Giselle Gimblett. Go, Team!

Magical Mix-Ups: Birthdays and Bridesmaids is the first book in Magical Mix-Ups, the sister series to our successful Mega Mash-Ups. The books are an ingenious marriage of fun and engaging chapter stories and doodle books – draw as you read! Read as you draw! Cunning. I would have loved these as a child. Lots of kids will aspire to draw in the style of Leigh – she is so cool and contemporary! – and we’ve added loads of ‘design’ ideas to the book, which will really appeal to the target audience. Every page is full of detail and ideas, but with just the right amount of space for the reader to add her own style.

The story and characters are totally suited to the book’s audience – witches, princesses and a magical land called Mixtopia; what more could one want? – and the main protagonists will feature throughout all the titles in the series. The second title Magical Mix-Ups: Friends and Fashion is out in September so fans won’t have long to wait for their next foray into Mixtopia. Magical balloon ride anyone? Hurrah!

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