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Posted by Tom, May 28, 2014

The Nosy Crow Reading Group is One Year Old – come to our June event!

Next month will be the one-year anniversary (hurray!) of the Nosy Crow Reading Group, and so it’s perhaps fitting that in June, we’ll be discussing two of the biggest children’s publishing phenomena of recent years: Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney, and Dork Diaries by Rachel Renée Russell.

We thought these would be interesting to read and talk about not just because of their incredible popularity, but because they’re excellent examples of a recent subject which has been in the news a lot recently: gendered reading and the perils and advantages of publishing and packaging books as being “for boys” or “for girls”. Both books (full disclosure: I’ve not read either yet) are first-person narratives with very clear target audiences, written in the style of diaries, and so I hope that comparing the two will be an illuminating exercise on what it means for a book to be “for” a particular kind of reader.

And we’d love for you to take part!

The group will be taking place here at the Nosy Crow offices – 10a Lant Street, London, SE1 1QR – on Thursday, June 12 at 6.30pm. If you’d like to come to the physical event at our office in London, send an email to tom at nosycrow dot com and we’ll try to fit in as many people as possible. If we can’t save a place for you this time, we can, if you’d like, keep you on our waiting list for cancellations and add you to our mailing list for future events.

And if you can’t make it here, we’d love for you to join in online, either on Twitter with the #NCGKids hashtag, or in the comments section of our blog for the evening.

We’ll post some discussion points for the book a little closer to the date – we hope you can join us!

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