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Posted by Kirsty, August 2, 2012

The Rescue Princesses: The Moonlit Mystery is out today!

Watching the Queen parachuting into the Olympic stadium for the opening ceremony of London 2012 made me wonder, amongst other things, whether HRH might’ve had a quick flick through Paula Harrison’s Rescue Princesses books before making that leap. Where else would she have got the idea? So I’m sure she’d want to join us in celebrating today’s publication of THE MOONLIT MYSTERY, and watch the third Rescue Princess spring into action!

Lulu is bold and hot-headed, and appropriately for Twenty-Twelve, she’s a great gymnast. She needs all of her ninja skills, too, when a family of lions disappears mysteriously from the Undala plains, leaving behind Tufty, the cutest, naughtiest lion cub of all. The Rescue Princesses must find his family quickly, as he’ll never survive in the wild without them…

Paula’s books have certainly struck a chord with lots and lots of six- and seven-year-old girls, who love the combination of action and adventure, animals in peril, magic jewels and secret pacts. Two such girls came into the Nosy Crow offices recently, having won a competition in Animals and You magazine, to meet Paula and have their cover design transformed into the real thing!

Over to Dom, in a View from the Publicity Chair:

“Prize-winner days are ALWAYS a hoot. As I’ve said many times before, they’re one of the best parts of the job. It’s always great to see children with an author – as publicists we see this all the time at signings, festivals, on tour, etc, and there’s a part of me that always feels a little bit sorry for all the designers and editors and production bods who miss out. SO, it was beyond brilliant to be able to bring children and author together not in a (sometimes far-flung) bookshop or festival venue, but IN THE OFFICE, under the very noses of said designers and editors and production bods.

Samantha, the lucky winner, had come up with a grade-A story, ‘The Queen’s Present’ (HOW very apt for this week’s Olympic opening ceremony) and a stunning cover design to deservedly bag the chance to come into Nosy Crow. Here she, with her best friend Georgia, interviewed Paula, had her story worked on by an editor and her cover given a Rescue Princesses’ ‘make-over’ to really make it look like one of the series. You can check out the results in this month’s issue of Animals & You magazine. What more could a girl – or, indeed, publicist – ask for?

I can assure you a good time was had by all – and I hope I’m not telling tales out of school when one of the girls was overheard saying to the other: ‘This is SOOOO fun!’. My sentiments exactly. And it was doubly fun to have Samantha, Georgia and Samantha’s mum, Elena, as well as every single Crow involved in the day, too.

And I’ve heard rumours that, after being featured looking so good in the magazine, Kristina, Kirsty and Paula are now being battled over by hot modelling agencies Select Models, Models 1 and Storm…”

Congratulations, Paula, on the publication of THE MOONLIT MYSTERY, and on being a Royal inspiration!

The Rescue Princesses: The Moonlit Mystery is out today. You can buy it online here and read the the first chapter below.

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