The Three Little Pigs app on the CBS Early Show


What great timing! Kate’s on a business trip in the US this week and coincidentally Nosy Crow and our Three Little Pigs app was mentioned in a segment about moms and smartphones on the CBS Early Show this morning.

We’d like to thank Cool Mom Tech for including The Three Little Pigs app in her list of favorite smartphone apps. You can watch the video here or below. She mentions The Three Little Pigs 3 minutes 20 seconds into the video.

The story talked about how moms are increasingly using smartphones to manage their family’s activities. The downside, smartphone addiction. The upside, greater productivity, organization and cool apps for kids.


2 Responses to “The Three Little Pigs app on the CBS Early Show”

  • Hi Nosy Crow – love the three little pigs app. I have an iPad and a niece age 3 – when she visits or more often if I see her at my mums house, I don’t carry a load of picture books with me. Kaiya will happily sit with me and play on glow doodle or other apps like the Peppa Pig app. 3 little pigs is absolutely brilliant. Apps are not just for mums and dads (my kids are all grown up) but how many aunties, uncles, nans, granddads might entertain and educate their wider families because they have a smartphone or iPad! It’s not about replacing books, or removing page turning interacting – it’s about quiet moments with little ones. I can see a lot more children quiet in waiting rooms, weddings, train stations and car journeys because technology means it can be taken along with them. Come bedtime it will be back to paper page turning but thanks to technology – we all have more choice!

  • Michelle – thanks for your comment! We’re glad you and your niece are enjoying The Three Little Pigs. And we agree that apps aren’t replacing book time. They present another way to enjoy stories and time together.

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