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Posted by Kate, August 14, 2015

The week (we hope) before our new website launches

Soon, really soon, we hope early next week, this website will be replaced by the new Nosy Crow website.

This one has served us well since we announced our existence on 22 February 2010.

A few months ago, I found the bits of paper on which I had drawn my initial idea of the website, and though it’s changed over the years of our existence, actually it’s remained remarkably close to those original ideas.

When the new website is launched, lots will be better. It’ll work properly on your phone. It’ll be easier to search and find things on it. You’ll be able to buy things from it. We really hope you like it.

Some things, though, will go – mainly the ones we put on the website to disguise the fact that, for the first ten months of our existence, we hadn’t yet published a book or released an app. The Bird Brain quote of the day will go. So carefully added to and curated in our first few months, it’s now been stuck on Kate di Camillo’s “You have no time at all with a kid to get them to trust you. You have a page. That’s all.” for ages. We don’t have time these days to schedule reruns of the old quotes, let alone find new ones. The Crow facts have got buried deeper and deeper in the website will go too.

It’s right. It’s necessary. What was prominent on our website at first was put there as a sort of courtship: we were trying to find those of you – and some of you are, we hope, reading this now – who might be interested in what we do and encourage you to like us. Now the website needs to be about Nosy Crow still, of course, but it also needs to be about the books, the apps, the events and the other things we love and make and work on and sell.

One last corvid moment, then, from Christopher Reid (published in The Curiosities):


Courtship for him
is arranging his feathers
askew and doing a truculent
war-jig in front of the object
of his desire; and yet they say
he mates for life. Even so,
you mustn’t forget
he’s just a crow.

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