There’s one more day to get Rounds: Franklin Frog for only 99¢ on the App Store


Our Spring sale for Rounds: Franklin Frog is almost over – today’s the last day to get our award-winning life science app for just 99¢/ 69p from the App Store!

A fantastic mix of story and non-fiction, Rounds: Franklin Frog follows the life cycle of a frog through three generations, with a highly innovative, looping narrative, a unique, graphic illustration style, lots of interactivity, original animation, music, and children’s voices, and dozens of interesting facts about frogs. Help Franklin jump, swim, eat, and croak, help Felicity lay her frogspawn, help a tadpole hatch and grow… and then start all over again!

Here’s the trailer:

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Download Rounds: Franklin Frog from the App Store for 99¢/ 69p here.


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