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Posted by Tom, May 15, 2013

Two Nosy Crow books on the 2013 Bookbuzz Programme

Rather belatedly, here’s some very good news – titles for the 2013 Bookbuzz programme have been announced, and they include two Nosy Crow books! Dear Scarlett, by Fleur Hitchcock, and My Best Friend and Other Enemies, by Catherine Wilkins, are on the list of titles that will be distributed to eleven-year-olds across the country. Last year, we had one book, Twelve Minutes to Midnight by Christopher Edge, on the list, and we blogged about its inclusion here.

Bookbuzz, which is a reading programme by Booktrust, offers secondary schools the chance to give their Year 7 pupils the choice of a book from a specially selected list of 17 titles that includes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. It aims to support reading for pleasure and independent choice at the important transition stage from primary to secondary education, and it works to encourage a whole school reading culture.

Here’s what Dr Rachael Levy from the School of Education at the University of Sheffield had to say about Bookbuzz:

“Bookbuzz ‘works’ for a number of reasons, but findings from a recent evaluation of Bookbuzz indicate that much of this can be attributed to the fact that Bookbuzz provides schools with a very carefully designed programme, presenting a selection of books that allow young people to experience genuine choice, while simultaneously ensuring that this choice is appropriately guided… Students themselves applaud the fact that Bookbuzz not only provides significant choice but extends their engagement with reading by introducing them to new authors, a new series, and new genres of books that they may not have otherwise experienced. In sum, Bookbuzz begins from the position of celebrating rather than condemning young people’s reading – surely this is key to promoting positive attitudes to reading in our children?”

You can find out more about the programme, and read the full list of selected titles, on the Bookbuzz website.

And you can read the first chapters of our two selected titles below. Congratulations to Fleur and Catherine!

Read chapter one of Dear Scarlett:

Read chapter one of My Best Friend and Other Enemies:

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