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Posted by Tom, December 6, 2014

USA Today’s 10 top kids apps of 2014

Nosy Crow’s Jack and the Beanstalk app has been included in USA Today’s list of the 10 top kids apps of 2014. Jinny Gudmundsen writes: “By combining storytelling with aspects of video gaming, this Jack and the Beanstalk app puts kids actively in charge of their reading experience. As players climb the vine with Jack and explore the giant’s castle, they hear a story narrated by talented child actors and see the words highlight. But kids can extend this narrative by tapping on the characters to hear them speak. The castle houses nine mini-games, including one where kids control Jack’s sneaking around the sleeping giant and another side-scrolling race where Jack is being chased by the now-awake behemoth. The ending varies, depending on how the player did in the games; so kids will want to read it again.” You can read the full list here.

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