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Posted by Tom, September 17, 2015

Warning! The Grunts are at large! Introducing The Grunts on the Run

Last month  we published The Grunts on the Run, the fourth book in Philip Ardagh and Axel Scheffler’s FANTASTIC series – and this is my favourite Grunts book yet.

Over the years, the Grunts have made more than a few enemies.  Now four of those enemies have escaped from jail, and they want REVENGE! Mr and Mrs Grunt, together with their stolen son, Sunny, must run for their lives. Or at least catch a train.

Their pursuers are hot on their (horrible) heels. But the Grunts have some good friends too (yes, really) and with courage, a big balloon and a lovesick rabbit on their side, they just might make it out in one piece…

It’s funny, silly, and clever – and brilliantly illustrated by Axel. This series is perfect for fans of The Twits, Mr Gum, or David Walliams – great for reading aloud or for reading independently.

Here’s what Love Reading 4 Kids have to say about The Grunts on the Run:

“The Grunts – Mr and Mrs and adopted son Sunny – are back, and as delightfully repulsive as ever … This new adventure sees them on the run from a group of criminals who hold the Grunts responsible for their misfortunes and culminates in a very funny chase involving a tractor, bunny slippers, a mummy on a sack and an enormous man in a bird suit … There are jokes to appeal to readers of all ages while the author’s asides alone are worth the cover price. Axel Scheffler’s illustrations catch the daftness of the story perfectly.”

And here’s a look inside the book:

You can buy The Grunts on the Run here.

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