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Posted by Tom, February 21, 2017

Watch Lyn Gardner read from Rose Campion and the Curse of the Doomstone – and win a signed copy of the book!

This month we published Rose Campion and the Curse of the Doomstone, by Lyn Gardner – the second gripping instalment in the THRILLING Campion series, and the follow-up to the incredible Rose Campion and the Stolen Secret.

Set against a brilliant backdrop of smoky, foggy, fin-de-siecle London, filled with fantastic theatrical detail, and with a cast of rogues worthy of Agatha Christie, this is a can’t-put-it-down mystery from a master storyteller that will have you guessing until the final chapter.

And today you can and win one of three signed copies of the book! To win a copy, just head over to the @NosyCrowBooks Twitter feed, follow @NosyCrowBooks, and re-tweet this message.

Business has never been better for Campion’s Palace of Variety and Wonders – and the music hall is about to open its doors to its biggest act yet: the Illustrious Gandini, the stage magician known as the Great Wizard of the North. But when the Doomstone Diamond – a priceless jewel with a disturbing history – is stolen during one of Gandini’s performances, Campion’s finds itself under threat once more, and Rose Campion and her friends will need all their wits about them as they dash across Victorian London – from high society gatherings to the depths of Newgate prison – in a desperate bid to solve the mystery of the stolen Doomstone Diamond, and save Rose’s beloved home, Campion’s Music Hall, from closure!

You can watch Lyn read an extract from the book in the video at the top of this post – and you can read the opening two chapters of The Curse of the Doomstone below:

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