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Posted by Tom, July 6, 2012

We have a new Rights Assistant

You may remember that some time ago we posted, on this blog, a vacancy for a Rights and Digital Assistant. We received a record number of applicants (and a tenfold increase in visitors to the website the day after it was posted) and competition was extremely fierce – but we’re very pleased to say that our new Rights Assistant, Ola Gotkowska, started with us this week. She quickly endeared herself to us all with a quite marvellous batch of brownies – which somehow achieved a perfect balance between gooeyness and structural integrity – and she’s already deeply entrenched in the intricacies of co-edition sales and book fair appointments.

Ola says:

It’s so exciting to be starting work at Nosy Crow. My first week has been busy as preparations for the Frankfurt book fair in October have already begun. Although it has been hectic, it feels great to be getting into the swing of things in the, new to me, publishing industry. And then there’s also cake, lots of cake… I think I can get used to the Nosy Crow way!

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