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Posted by Kate, April 14, 2010

We’re getting ready to hatch some apps

We’re very excited today to be able to announce our first apps!

The first is Animal SnApp: Farm by Nikalas Catlow and Tim Wesson.

The second is 3-D Fairy Tales: The Three Little Pigs illustrated by Edward Bryan.

Nosy Crow has always said it was serious about creating apps, and it’s good to be able to tell all of you what we’ve been working on in this area since our launch seven weeks ago.

Not only do we have these two apps (and ideas and plans for more than you can shake a stick at), but we’ve also just appointed Deb Gaffin as Digital Product Director, so now we have someone – only our fifth member of staff – who is very experienced concentrating on the development and marketing of apps.

We’ve decided to concentrate – for now – on apps for young children, but as we build our profile and our range in this area of this rapidly evolving market, we hope to branch out, so contact us if you’ve any brilliant ideas for apps for children or their parents, or skills in this area that you think we should know about: we’d love to hear from you.

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