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Posted by Tom, November 3, 2014

What do you get when you cross a bear and a shark?

…Why, a Shark-Headed Bear-Thing, of course!

That’s the subject of the HILARIOUS new book from the author-illustrator dream team of Barry Hutchison and Chris Mould, The Shark-Headed Bear-Thing (when you have an idea this good you put it right there in the title), coming in February.

Benjamin Blank is in search of adventure… so when the eponymous Shark-Headed Bear-Things starts terrorising a nearby village, Ben grabs his magic gauntlet and sets off! But the course of true adventure does not run smoothly. And it’d be good if Ben knew how his gauntlet actually worked.

This is a completely BRILLANT, very, very funny new book that’s perfect for 7-9 year olds who love amazing monsters, total heroics, and a bit of running away. And, incidentally, it also boasts my favourite title of any book, ever.

And here, for the first time, is a look inside The Shark-Headed Bear-Thing!

The Shark-Headed Bear-Thing will be in shops from February – you can pre-order it online here, and if you’d to like to be the first to read more excerpts, and find out about more books in the series (look out for The Swivel-Eyed Ogre-Thing), you can sign up to our books newsletter here.

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