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Posted by Tom, April 12, 2013

What’s your favourite fictional canine?

I’ve got dogs on the brain.

Yesterday our lovely office dog – Imogen’s whippet/Italian greyhound cross Blue (in the picture at top of this post) – was in the Crow’s Nest – he’s a truly excellent addition to the workplace environment. And this afternoon, looking over our upcoming publishing schedule, it occurred to me that we have THREE fantastic picture books-with-dogs making their way in the world over the next few months.

Next month we’re publishing Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam by Tracey Corderoy and Steven Lenton – featuring two hapless robber dogs. You can watch the trailer for the book below:

And you can take a look inside the book here:

In July we’re publishing Just Right for Two by Tracey Corderoy and Ros Beardshaw. Dog has everything he needs in his big blue suitcase – it’s the perfect fit for all the little treasures he has collected along the way, and Dog feels he has all the needs in the world. Until one night, Mouse comes along and Dog discovers that life is richer and more fun with a friend and his big blue suitcase is actually the perfect fit for two.

We’re also publishing Digger Dog in July, by William Bee and Cecilia Johansson – the story of a very energetic and determined dog! Digger Dog loves to dig up bones . . . the bigger the better. But for the biggest bone in the world, what will Digger Dog need? The biggest digger in the world, of course!

And (one bonus dog) last year we published the wonderful Zac and Zeb and the Make-Believe Birthday Party by Sarah Massini. Here’s a look inside:

I asked everyone in the office today for nominations for the best dogs in fiction, and here were some of the suggestions:

Steph immediately voted for Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion and Margaret Bloy Graham.

And Summer, Steph’s daughter – who’s here today as well – voted for Toto, from The Wizard of Oz.

Mary suggested Nana, from Peter Pan.

Kristina suggested the dog from The Sheep-Pig, and when pressed, was quite clear that she meant Fly, not Rex (I think Rex is the more interesting character myself…)

There were several votes for Snoopy and Spot the Dog.

And I’m very fond of Timothy, from the Famous Five books, and – a very different sort of dog – I LOVE Alex T. Smith’s wonderful creation Claude.

I know there are LOTS that we haven’t named – and there must be many that we haven’t even thought of… So what are your favourite fictional dogs?

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