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Posted by Tom, December 30, 2013

What we’d like in 2014 (and some New Year’s Resolutions)

Before we all finished work for the year, I asked everyone in the office what they’d like in 2014, and what their new year’s resolutions were. This time last year, writing (separate) blog posts about what we wanted to see in 2013 and what our resolutions were for this past year, I noted that some things never change… and I think that remains the case! Really, what we want to see more than anything else are exciting, child-focused stories… and what we’d all like to be is more organised! Here’s what everyone said:


My submission wish-list is probably the same as last year:

– A brilliant, heart-warming, secular Christmas story
– A genius, future-classic novelty book by an author-illustrator, and which has either flaps or holes
– A fast-paced, funny picture book story with a surprising, but incredibly satisfying ending
– An action-packed fantasy/adventure featuring girls and boys for reading aloud to 5-8 year olds.

My new year’s resolutions are to keep a tidy desk, file my emails and be incredibly efficient. Oh, and to drink less wine. So absolutely no chance of keeping any of those.


I’m really excited about taking our books to new places, and new people, through developing partnerships with like-minded creative companies that make excellent non-book products – or provide excellent services – for children and families.

I’m also keen to create lots more useful resources for retailers and librarians – resources that enhance children’s in-store/in-library experiences of books, be it guides for reading groups, or fun POS and activity-based material.


In 2014, it would be great to be especially creative with our events at festivals – I DO love a show…


Would love to see something handcrafted. All media is interesting to work with, but think it would be personally be very new and exciting to work with an screen-printing, lino-cutting, or even 3D artist.

Personal resolution. I’d like to do life drawing regularly again. I love the discipline and focus it requires, and I always feel relaxed afterwards. Though since leaving university I’ve not made enough time for it, so next year I aim to do it fortnightly. Oh, and to resist more of the biscuits on offer in the office.


Like last year (and, inevitably, next year) my resolution is to Get On Top of My Email, which is a bit of a Sisyphean task, but one to which I could nevertheless be more dedicated.

And I’d really like to see some imaginative, text-based digital stories for 7/ 8+ readers – ideas which take advantage of a screen and break up the conventions of a linear story on the page. Basically, what I’d like is for someone to write Blackbar for children.


In 2014, I would like to sell rights to our books in new territories – maybe Russia? And a New Year’s resolution which is partly work-related and partly personal… I’d like to be able to say a few words in Italian by the time the Bologna book fair comes around! I don’t think I have that much time left…

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