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Posted by Lisa, June 10, 2022

What we got up to on Empathy Day 2022

Yesterday was Empathy Day! Empathy Day was founded in 2017 as part of a mission to inspire the rising generation and to drive a new empathy movement. Empathy Day aims to help everyone understand and experience the transformational power of empathy through stories.

We’re proud to have worked with EmpathyLab on the project for the last few years and to have had our books included in the Read for Empathy guides, which feature recommendations of great empathy-building books. This year, we’re delighted that The Girl Who Stole an Elephant by Nizrana Farook, The House on the Edge by Alex Cotter and How to be Me by Cath Howe were included – you can find out more about them in an earlier blog here.

At Nosy Crow, everyone was encouraged to take part in #EmpathyHour and spend their afternoon taking a breather and treating themselves, and/or others, with empathy.

Here’s how some of the Crows spent Empathy Day!

Publicity Manager Rebecca Mason and Senior Rights Manager Erin Murgatroyd donated blood and then went for lunch with friends.

Ruth Tinham, Field Sales Manager, took a moment to go for a nice walk (and it was also her birthday – Happy Birthday Ruth!).

Rebecca Anastasi, Assistant Editor for Picture Books, visited a local nursery and read to the children from the fantastic Every Bunny is a Yoga Bunny – and they even had time for some yoga poses and colouring too!

Catherine Stokes, Head of Sales and Marketing, visited her local school, where she had a cuppa and a chat and gave them some Nosy Crow titles that are perfect for starting conversation! Catherine said she was bowled over by the work they’re already doing and that their headteacher remarked: ‘Every day is empathy day here’.

Publicity Executive Sîan Taylor went for an Empathy Walk around her local area before making some phone calls to check in on friends and family.

Hester Seddon, Marketing Manager, brought some food to the food bank, and then baked some delicious vegan cookies that she shared in the office today (they were AMAZING – thanks Hester!).

Head of Non-Fiction, Activity, Pre-School and Illustrated Tie-In Publishing Rachel Kellehar and Senior Rights Executive Núria Martí i Pampalona also gave blood!

Head of Picture Books Lou Bolongaro said Empathy Day was the first time that all of the picture book editorial team were together in person! They had already planned a small lunch to mark the moment, and extended it to a riverside walk in the afternoon, too. She said that it felt pretty special to all of them and was just what they needed.

Michelle Saul, Office Manager, took the opportunity to pick up her young granddaughter from school as a surprise – something she can never usually do!

And finally, the Digital team went for a lovely long lunch together for the first time, before taking the rest of the afternoon for themselves.

We hope you had a wonderful Empathy Day!

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