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Posted by Tom, March 4, 2019

When Good Geeks Go Bad is now available as an audiobook

Today we’re delighted to share a brand new audiobook edition of When Good Geeks Go Bad – the brilliantly funny new story from Catherine Wilkins, author of the much-loved My Best friend and Other Enemies series.

When Ella’s dad refuses to let her have cool school shoes or stay up later than 9:30, Ella decides to take things into her own hands. Being good hasn’t gotten her anywhere, so why not try being bad for a while? It certainly looks a lot more fun and what’s a few detentions here and there? But going bad is a slippery slope and soon things are starting to spiral out of control. Can Ella get things back on track? Or is she going to end up with egg on her face?

Hilariously narrated by Rosie Jones, you can buy the audiobook of When Good Geeks Go Bad from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes now – and you can listen to a preview of the audiobook below.

Buy the audiobook.

And you can also read the opening of the book below:

Buy the print edition.

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