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Posted by Tom, March 28, 2014

Where I Work: G. R. Gemin

This is the latest instalment in an occasional series of blogposts, in which some of our authors and illustrators share their favourite writing spots. Today G. R. Gemin, whose debut novel Cowgirl came out this month, shares his favourite methods of procrastination…

My ruses to avoid writing are as follows:

1) As you can see I have a wonderful view overlooking a lovely park, but it doesn’t help. Yes I know that sounds really miserable, but it’s true. You will also note the many CDs on the shelves (there’s more on the other wall too!). These are in alphabetical order, and a constant, stimulating musical distraction. (Some say I have OCD – Obsessive Compact Disc-order).

This is a ruse to avoid writing, and it works wonderfully well.

2) You will also notice how neat everything is. I want to assure you this was not because a photo was going to be taken. It’s always this neat. If I have to pull out books, or things from draws I then need a period of time making it all neat again.

This is another ruse to avoid writing, and it works wonderfully well.

3) You may just be able to see a bird feeder out of the left window. I like birds, I get visits from Great Tits and Blue Tits (see close up) and Robins, and I was once fortunate enough to have visit from a Greater Spotted Woodpecker – it was extremely impressive. The birds are very close when they mount the feeder, consequently I keep very still and watch them (no sudden movements, like typing on the keyboard, is allowed).

This is my favourite ruse to avoid writing, and it works wonderfully well.

4) You Tube is a tempting resource for a variety of reasons. I often reward my inactivity by viewing a Laurel & Hardy film (“Towed in a Hole” is SO funny), or I look up some of my favourite operatic tenors and jazz musicians like Jussi Bjorling or Franco Corelli or Oscar Peterson or Jimmy Smith (and there’s more I could mention).

This is the most distracting ruse to avoid writing, I feel very guilty because I have so little to show for it – at least the birds get fed in ruse 3.

Now I really must crack on with some proper writing (he said unconvincingly). On the other hand, it just struck me that I haven’t dusted the ceiling in ages…

You can read the first three chapters of Cowgirl below, or order the book online here.

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