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Posted by Tom, August 10, 2012

Win a copy of our new app, Rounds: Franklin Frog

We’re celebrating the release of our latest app, Rounds: Franklin Frog with a suitably froggy competition. You can win a copy of the app by telling us your best frog fact either here, in the comments or on Twitter with #gofranklin (hashtag courtesy of Benji Davies).

Here are a few facts from the app to get you started:

Did you know that tadpoles remember the smell of the ponds where they hatch so that they can return to it when they’re grown up?

Did you know that frogs’ tongues coil up in their mouth like a party blower?

Did you know that frogs can see things that are moving better than things that are still?

If you don’t have any frog facts, you can find the app on iTunes here, where it’s still on sale (until the end of the day!) for just 99c (69p in the UK).