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Posted by Kate, May 14, 2013

Would you like to come to our children’s book reading group?

We’ve had a thought.

We are wondering if there would be interest in a children’s book reading group – for adults.

The reading group would meet once a month here in the Nosy Crow offices in Lant Street, Southwark, London on the second Thursday of each month, so the first three dates would be 13 June, 11 July and 8 August at 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

We’d agree the book to be read a month in advance. Sometimes we’d read a Nosy Crow book (maybe one in three books, or one in four books) but otherwise we’d read books from other publishers, focusing on books that are being talked about – books like Wonder by R. J. Palacio. You’d have to buy the book yourself. Maybe it would be interesting to have authors come along. What do you think?

We’d focus on books for children under 12. We might creep up to 14, but this absolutely isn’t a YA book reading group.

Sometimes we might talk about picture books – maybe groups of picture books, like fractured fairy tales.

There would be no charge to come along. You’d get one free glass of wine, and we’d have to charge maybe two quid for other glasses.

Maximum 20 people, and we’d ask people to confirm attendance a week in advance, and then open places to anyone who might be on a waiting list.

We’d like to use this as a way of keeping up with what’s out there, and what people think about it.

Do you think this sounds interesting? Would you come along? Any other suggestions or thoughts?

Let us know if so. Please email [email protected].

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