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DC Alexandra Beever

Alexandra Beever has been a detective with Thames Valley Police for 15 years. Following a science degree at university, she competed at the Olympics and won a gold medal at the World Championships as part of the GB Rowing Team.
After seven years as a full-time athlete, a career in policing appealed to Alexandra as it combined her interests in law and supporting others to make better life choices with her passion for the outdoors, being active and working as part of a team.
Once the work day has finished, Alex enjoys spending time with her daughter, their miniature dachshunds, Boo-Boo and Coconut, and pony George. She also loves taking trips to the seaside and catching up with friends.

Alice M. Ross

Alice M. Ross has spent most of her career as a financial journalist and is now writing fantasy, which involves a lot more magic. When she’s not writing she can be found herding cats and small people at her home in London.

Lauren Fairgrieve

Lauren Fairgrieve is a children’s book writer and editor who grew up in rural East Lothian, Scotland, and now lives in North London. She can often be found roaming Hampstead Heath or exploring a new part of the city, and is very proud and grateful to be able to edit and write fascinating children’s non-fiction for a living.

Katrina Charman

Katrina has spent her life surrounded by books ever since her first visit to the library when she was tiny. She now lives in a house full of bookshelves fit to bursting, and continues to fill them with books that she has written.

She recently won Booktrust’s Story Time prize for her and Nick Sharratt’s picture book The Whales on the Bus.

When she’s not writing for children, she is cuddled up with one of her fluffy cats and a good book, or plucking cat hairs off her clothes.

Carolina Búzio

Carolina Búzio is an illustrator and occasional animator drawn to quirky characters and exciting colour combinations. She was born in the lovely seaside town of Porto, Portugal, and is currently living in artsy Berlin, Germany, with her partner (who is unfortunately allergic to cats or else she’d finally be the crazy cat lady her child-self always assumed she would one day be).

With a great memory for faces (but terrible for names, she apologises in advance) and objects with a personality, it makes sense that she illustrates children’s books for a living. The toughest but also her favourite part of the illustration process is the colouring stage: whenever she puts two odd colours together that go unexpectedly well, she gets butterflies in her stomach.

Katie Dale

Award-winning author and actress, Katie Dale had her first poem published aged just 8, and hasn’t stopped writing since! She has now had over 100 children’s books published all over the world, from board books to YA (Someone Else’s Life, Little White Lies) and everything in-between – one of which has been adapted into a ballet!

She lives in beautiful Cambridge, dodging the delightful free-range cows and ASBO swans as she scribbles in her ideas notebook by the river Cam, but loves to travel, and has visited schools all over the world, as far afield as Moscow and Uzbekistan!

Kate Read

Kate Read is a picture book author and illustrator based in Norfolk. Kate works mainly in collage by painting sheets of paper on which she monoprints and stencils, creating interesting textures before drawing and cutting shapes which become characters. She then draws over the top for definition and, when these images are scanned, she plays with them again digitally. Kate really enjoys observational drawing but it’s playing with paint, scissors, and glue that’s when she feels her work starts to come alive.

Daniel Long

Yas Imamura

Yas Imamura is an Asian American illustrator living in Portland, Oregon.

Her works include collaborations with Anthropologie, Sanrio as well as her growing list of children’s books. Her preferred materials are gouache and watercolour and often finds herself drawn to projects that are playful, mysterious and a little offbeat.

Two Dots

Anna Shepeta

Anna Shepeta is an illustrator, painter, and ceramicist. Anna enjoys portraying strong female characters and the fighting spirit! When she’s not creating magical art, Anna likes to bake rainbow biscuits and watch detective series. And she really likes making to-do lists.

Rui Ricardo

Rui Ricardo is a Portuguese illustrator based in Porto where he studied graphic design and academic drawing at the University of Fine Arts.
His illustrations have been published in major American and British magazines and he has worked with many prominent international brands and publishers.
As an avid backpacker, he has spent years travelling across Asia, Europe and bits of Africa and South America. This triggered a personal project consisting of Travel Posters that’s been developing for over ten years. The collection now consists of over 100 different illustrations.
When he’s not drawing, you’ll find him building and painting cardboard houses with his 5 year old daughter Laura (she loves big presents and Ikea because of the boxes!), riding his bicycle or playing the banjo and the ukulele.