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Dr Punam Krishan

Dr Punam Krishan is a GP. She has always been fascinated by people’s stories and finds a lot of joy in helping others feel better. From teeny tiny babies all the way to the grannies and grandpas, Dr Krishan is there to make sure her patients as are as healthy as they can be! As well as science, Dr Krishan also loved drama and English at school and so years after becoming a doctor, she used those interests to make medicine even more exciting for herself by working as a TV doctor, doing radio shows, having her own podcast and even writing a book in order to help millions of people feel better, live healthier lives and feel inspired about their health and wellbeing.

When she is not working, Dr Krishan loves spending her time with her husband, her two kids and her dog called Simba. They spend their weekends finding new adventure trails in the beautiful Scottish outdoors. Dr Krishan loves dancing and it doesn’t matter where she is, if music comes on – she will embarrass her kids and dance like nobody is watching!