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Dr Sheila Kanani

Dr Sheila Kanani is a space cadet, with her head high up in the clouds even when her feet are firmly on planet Earth. Sheila became interested in space and astronomy at the age of 13, and her passion sky-rocketed from there. She has a PhD in planetary science and her favourite planet is Saturn. Her favourite ‘work’ interests are teaching GCSE Astronomy and giving public talks to audiences of all ages and sizes, while representing her place of work, the Royal Astronomical Society, which she adores.

Outside of astronomy, Sheila loves to play hockey and the saxophone, enjoys listening to records and dancing like no one is watching with her husband and young son, and curling up on the sofa with an excellent book and her six-fingered cat. Sheila’s love of writing began when she was nine and she started a daily journal, which she has kept (mostly) up to date ever since!