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Jane Ormes

When Jane was 6 years old she won a prize for a drawing of a circus ring but the teacher held it upside down when showing it to the whole school at assembly, and Jane was furious. It was obvious those lions were upside down!!!
She went on to complete a degree in Surface Pattern design which lead to commissions for ceramics, textiles, greetings cards and illustration. Jane’s real love is for screenprinting (a process in which each colour is printed by hand separately to build up an image). She is the messiest screenprinter in the studio and gets ink in her hair, on her face and on her shoes. Jane loves shoes.

Animals in absurd situations often feature in her work which has a decorative, often pattern-like quality. One Christmas Day Jane spotted one of her Christmas card designs on the Royal Desk during the Queens speech. Jane lives in Bristol with her two children and her husband Paul.