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Nikki Miles

Nikki is an illustrator from the UK, living in London with her fiancé Matt and a fluffy British Blue cat called Luna. Nikki loves to spread positivity and kind words around the world with her colourful illustrations and hand lettering. Since the first day she ever picked up a pencil, Nikki hasn’t stopped drawing and can’t imagine life without it. She likes creating illustrations to simply add some sunshine to somebody’s day or offer reassurance to anyone who needs it.

Her work is often inspired by her own everyday life, experiences and feelings. As well as the great outdoors, books, movies, fashion, mid-century design, vintage packaging and advertising.

Nikki is an introvert at heart and in her spare time enjoys reading books, going for nature walks, taking photos and learning calligraphy. She is guilty of spending a lot of time watching cute cat videos on the internet and eating too much chocolate #sorrynotsorry