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Susannah Lloyd

Susannah Lloyd is the author of picture books Who Ate Steve?, Here Be Giants, Here Be Dragons, Oh Monty!, This Book Can Read Your Mind, and The Terribly Friendly Fox.

Her books have been translated into ten languages.

She loves reading stories, especially the ones you find in children’s books. Libraries and bookshops are her happy place.

Her favourite book from childhood was ‘Trubloff, The Mouse Who Wanted To Play The Balalaika‘, by John Burningham. It made her want to play the balalaika too, but, alas, she still cannot. Her favourite food is trifle and her favourite words are ‘in cahoots’ and ‘hullabaloo’.

She wrote her first ever book when she was five, on her kitchen table, with the help of a large pot of felt tip pens and a stapler. It was about a fox, a wolf, a crow and a stolen balloon. It had a very mysterious ending. This was followed by an ambitious murder mystery series, started aged 11, abandoned aged 12. She is now making up for lost time.

Her books are inspired by old black and white movies, dusty stuffed animals in museums and all things small in the world.

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