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Tracey Corderoy

Tracey grew up in South Wales, on a council estate firmly sandwiched between the steel and chemical works. Here you were born, you worked, and you generally stayed.
She’s a trained teacher but now writes full-time in an old damp cottage on the Gloucestershire hills. A multi award-winning author, her first book was published in 2010, and in December 2019, her 70th.
As a young child, Tracey owned few books. But thanks to an ancient set of encyclopaedias she happened upon, and a Ladybird copy of Cinderella, her passion for nosing into other people’s ‘stories’ began early on!
Some years later, one very special Secondary School teacher and many great librarians, fed Tracey more and more books. Between their pages real magic then started to happen. Impossible adventures became do-able. Characters became friends. Boundaries became gates as her world, very slowly, opened up. Books made her laugh and cry and think.
They made her feel that – maybe she could do things.

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