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Author Irene Dickson
Illustrator Irene Dickson

0-2, 2-5



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Sharing is never easy when you’re little! This playtime, Ruby has red blocks. Benji has blue blocks. They both build and build, until Benji takes one of Ruby’s red blocks and, in the tussle that follows, all the blocks CRASH to the floor. But look! Here comes Guy, and Guy has GREEN blocks…

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Ruby has red blocks, while Benji’s are blue. The two play quietly and separately with their own blocks—until Benji picks up one of Ruby’s red ones. A brief tugof- war ensues (“‘Mine!’ says Ruby. / ‘Mine!’ says Benji”) and ends with each falling backward (“CRASH!”), creating one big pile of mixed-up blocks (“Uh-oh”). When the pair realizes that two colors are better than one, they begin building again—this time together, with grander and more colorful results. The final page shows a third child, Guy, pulling a wagon of green blocks: “What will they do now?” Young audiences know the answer, and the endpapers prove them right with a display of creative items built out of red, blue, and green blocks. Dickson’s picture-book debut is thoughtfully illustrated and designed. Against clean, white backgrounds the mixed-media illustrations keep things simple, the children’s clothing color-coordinated with their blocks and their facial expressions clear and easy to read. The book’s shape is fittingly square, and on the eye-catching cover the title is cleverly spelled out with alphabet blocks. With its spare but preschooldrama- filled text, this attractive book makes a first-rate read-aloud.

Jennifer M. Brabander, www.hbook.com

“A story about the importance of sharing and how things can go better if we work together. Irene Dickinson’s Blocks has bright and engaging illustrations and a simple story of how putting all the toys together, and playing in a group, can be even more fun than playing on your own.”


“A cleverly simple book builds skills as well as towers… readers will want to share Blocks!”

– Starred review from Kirkus 

“A wonderfully simple story on the sharing theme that will surely pack a powerful punch with early years audiences; it’s a must have book for pre-school settings and families with very young children… What’s more, with its easy to read, brief text, this debut picture book is ideal for those just beginning to read for themselves.”

— Jill R. Bennet, Red Reading Hub

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