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Crimson Poison

Crimson Poison

Author Susan Moore
Series The Nat Walker Trilogy




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Nat Walker is the orphan heiress to her parents’ games empire. While the mystery behind their deaths remains unsolved, Nat must fend off the unwelcome and avaricious attentions of her aunt, who is keen to “adopt” her and her millions. When her guardian, Jamuka, is called back to Mongolia by a clan emergency, Nat discovers vital information about the poison that is killing his people. She decides to follow him, and in doing so, becomes drawn into the deadly game of revenge, corruption and world domination that is playing out against the snowy white Steppes.

Cover illustration by Alessandro “Talexi” Taini.

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What the Critics Said

“Details are what bring futuristic worlds to life, and Crimson Poison is bursting with them: from hover boards and pet robots to clothes that can broadcast films. The excitement and adventure jumps off every page, gripping the reader right to the end. A great read.”



“This is one of the best books I ever read!  I love all the new technology, and I would give anything to try a Popko juice. Also, wolves are my favourite animal, and they feature in this book so I couldn’t turn it down! I admire the bravery of Nat, the calmness of Jamaku , and the style of Wen. Even though I love the two girl characters, jamaku is still my favourite.”

– Edie, aged 9 (via Toppsta)

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