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Publication date: 06 Jul 2023
ISBN: 9781788004640
Size: 198 x 129 mm
Length: 272 pages

Friends and Traitors


Some secrets are just too dangerous to know… A gripping World War II story about how two girls foil an aristocratic plot to bring down the government and hand the country to the Nazis…

When Sidney Dashworth’s school is evacuated to a huge stately home in the countryside, she thinks she’s going to spend the war being very bored. At least her brother must be having fun, flying his Spitfire all over France! But soon Sidney and a housemaid called Nancy discover that the Earl is up to no good. He has secret nighttime meetings with mysterious men from the government and seems to be hiding something sinister on his land. At first it’s all terribly thrilling, investigating by creeping about at night and finding secret passageways, but soon everything takes a deadly turn. Sidney’s brother goes missing over France and the war hits home with a terrible reality. The Earl and his evil plotters must be stopped, or nothing will ever be the same again…

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“Concealed passages and fiendish plots abound in this second world war mystery, perfect for 9+ Robin Stevens readers.”

the Guardian

“This upcoming spy novel is filled with not only the expected daring adventure but all the mischievous charm of classic girls boarding school stories such as Malory Towers.”

the National

When a girls’ school is evacuated to a big house, housemaid Nancy isn’t happy. But eventually she and the girls must work together to crack a wartime espionage plot.”

Sunday Express

For slightly older readers, there is plenty of schoolgirl high-jinx in Friends and Traitors, set in a girls’ boarding school during world-war two.”

the Oldie

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