Stories Aloud
Publication date: 09 Jan 2014
ISBN: 9780857633385
Size: 298 x 212 mm
Length: 96 pages
Activity Books

Mega Mash-Up: Romans v Dinosaurs on Mars


The Romans and Dinosaurs live on Mars in a huge glass dome called Romasauria. They race their rocket chariots and feast on Moon-Cow and chips until life on Mars is threatened by a Giant Asteroid. Will a wooden catapault and some dinosaur poo save the day? That’s up to you…

This book needs YOU! Finish the illustrations and colour them in while you read and enjoy a proper story with lots and lots of laughs!

Other titles in this hilarious series include: Pirates v Ancient Egyptians in a Haunted Museum; Secret Agents v Giant Slugs in the Jungle; Aliens v Mad Scientists Under the Ocean; Cowboys v Trolls in the Arctic; Robots v Gorillas in the Desert.

Stories Aloud

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“This new series… is an innovative and clever combination of novel and doodle book…”

“Any child who loves drawing and doodling will love this! […] This is exactly the kind of books us parents need to be able to hand in to our offspring in school holidays or on a long car journey!”

“You can tell the authors have had a great time making this book because it is really funny. What I also love about it is that it is interactive so the readers can add their own drawings and finish chapters. They can colour it in if they like, and to me, that’s lovely because it’s not only fun but it also extends the life of the book.”

Tesco Kids’ Book Club’s A Year in Books (Cathy Olmedillas)

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